Exploratory Surgery in Pets

Exploratory surgery in pets can be helpful in both diagnosing and treating health conditions. This procedure may be performed on pets who exhibit symptoms or problems with no reasonable explanation. In many cases, when blood tests, urine tests and other diagnostic tests fail to provide any information about the cause of a pet's condition, exploratory surgery may performed. Certain abnormalities also may not show up on X-rays, ultrasound or other imaging tests but can be found through exploratory surgery.

Exploratory surgery allows veterinarians to see clearly inside various parts of the body and extract tissue samples for biopsy. In addition, exploratory surgery may be used to remove a foreign object that was mistakenly eaten or remove a mass or growth that is detected at the time of the surgery. Exploratory surgery can provide important information for gaining a detailed understanding of a pet's condition and choosing the best treatment option. It is a generally safe procedure that is extremely useful for diagnosis, and may be the difference in saving your pet's life.

Exploratory surgeries are a very useful tool in veterinary medicine. Such surgery can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in cats and dogs.

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